What is 'The Templar Legacy'?

‘The Templar Legacy’ is a game of the “Hall Escape” type that combines elements of logic, puzzles, and challenges. These must be solved within a specified time frame to reveal a secret prize.

But… what is a ‘Hall Escape’? The concept of a ‘Hall Escape’ encompasses elements from Escape rooms, tabletop role-playing games, but it doesn’t require as much space as the previous ones. In other words, it’s not a full escape room; instead, all the puzzles and mechanisms are contained in a single location and can be solved sequentially or simultaneously, encouraging communication and teamwork among participants.

What is the minimum Age for Participation? We consider that the minimum age to fully enjoy “The Templar Legacy” is 10 years old. In any case, all participants under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Is There an Age Limit? Definitely not! You’ll only need your intelligence, deductive skills, and, above all, a desire to have fun.

How many people can play? The minimum group size to play “The Templar Legacy” is 2 people, with a maximum of 4.

Can more people play than the maximum indicated? No, under no circumstances.

Is it scary? Not at all. You won’t encounter any scares or unpleasant surprises in “The Templar Legacy”.

Can I play if I have claustrophobia? We don’t recommend it. Although there’s plenty of space for 4 people without feeling cramped, the 60-minute game duration might be challenging if you suffer from claustrophobia.

Can I play while pregnant? Definitely not. Regardless of the number of weeks of pregnancy, we cannot be held responsible for any potential issues.

Can I use the bathroom during the session? We don’t have public restrooms available, so any “hydraulic matters” should be taken care of beforehand.

What happens if I don’t succeed within the allowed time? Nothing happens. The game will end, and the Game Master will explain the steps you missed.

Can I leave the Hall Escape before it finishes? Yes, if for any reason you want to abandon the game, notify the Game Master. However, keep in mind that once the game starts, members who leave cannot rejoin.

Why is it more expensive in English? Do you want it cheap or GOOD? Our GMs are fully proficient in English and every little detail has been translated so you can enjoy the full experience in the language of Richard Lionheart (who actually spoke sort of French, but you know what we mean…) 😉🔍🌟

When does the game begin? As soon as you deposit the €30 to confirm the reservation, everything will start. Pay attention to your spam folders, unwanted emails, or promotions!

I received a very strange email. Is it a mistake? Most likely not. Read the information carefully on the website and in the email you received. It’s also possible that someone might try to contact you via WhatsApp…

<SPOILER> If you REALLY want to know if it’s an error, click HERE.

What if I arrive late? It’s crucial to be at the meeting point at the agreed-upon time. If the group is 5 minutes late, the game time will start counting. If the group arrives 10 minutes or more late, the session will be canceled, and no previously paid amount will be refunded.

Can fewer players participate than indicated in the reservation? Yes, you can reduce the number of players by notifying us at least 72 hours in advance. Otherwise, you’ll need to pay the corresponding amount for the total number of players indicated in the reservation.

And more? Yes, up to the maximum allowed (4 players). In that case, you’ll need to pay the difference in cash after the session.

Can I cancel the reservation? Once the reservation is confirmed and paid, it cannot be canceled. However, you can change it to a later session. Contact us via email: Changes or refunds within 72 hours or less will not be accepted. Maximum allowed changes: 1.

I have seen on the booking form this field: I am registered on ‘En Busca del Cartucho Perdido’ Escape Room Route. What does it mean?

‘En Busca del Cartucho Perdido’ is a nationwide Escape Room route where you can win prizes of up to €1200 in cash, along with other surprises. You can register for free and find more information on their website: